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Spiritual Master Sankarshan Das Offers Formula for Solving Corona Virus and the World’s Problems

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Spiritual Master Sankarshan Das Offers Formula for Solving Corona Virus and the World’s Problems

December 17
07:21 2020

Spiritual Master Sankarshan Das has stepped forward to offer his realizations on how the world can become a radically different, and peaceful, place, to live.

Sankarshan Das is a self-realization Guru who has tens of thousands of followers worldwide and lectures as a motivational speaker all over the world. The Austin, Texas-based guru-author is set to release his latest book “Conquer Your Mind and Deliver the World” in 2021.

He is keen to explain and promote the underlying causes and solutions for all forms of disruption and turmoil, and how modern-day leaders are not qualified to lead.

His book will also reveal how a simple formula will achieve perfect happiness and peace of mind, what we can do right now to bring peace between all nations and how to eliminate poverty, hunger, and disease globally.

He said: “Lacking a common center, the human civilization has been cast into chaos for many centuries. For example, in American history, we find one war after another. Poverty, disease, disruptive weather, crime, and many other anomalies are constantly torturing human society. 

“Life was not meant to be this way. We are meant to be peaceful and happy living in a flourishing global society.”

Sankarshan Das has been blessed with the formula for a perfect global society and is on a mission to educate the world’s leaders and the world population in general how every person can make a remarkable revolutionary difference for the benefit of all living beings.

During the late 1960s, at the height of the Woodstock era, Sankarshan Das was an avant-garde singer and songwriter who shared the stage with musical luminaries like Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead. 

Even then, though, he felt there was something greater calling him – a spiritual light that beckoned Sankarshan Das into a sublime and powerful work. After years of intense searching and after a period of deep meditation and prayer, Sankarshan Das was blessed to find a spiritual master in 1971. 

As a dedicated disciple of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Sankarshan Das has for the past half a century tasted the sweetest adventure of ever-deepening self-discovery and ever-widening global outreach that has led him to circle the globe again and again.

He has gained the most valuable association of the planet’s greatest visionaries and luminaries and impacted the hearts of tens of thousands of his students and disciples. 
Now based in Austin, Texas, Das continues to offer hope to thousands across North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. He is available for interview and can be contacted on 512-835-8400 or email: [email protected].

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