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Samsung, Microsoft and WIMI’s Black Technology In Holographic Communication

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Samsung, Microsoft and WIMI’s Black Technology In Holographic Communication

April 11
13:35 2020

When it comes to 5G era, different from 4G era, it will have higher speed, lower delay and massive connections. Compared with 4G, the speed is increased dozens of times, the time delay is lower than 1ms, and more than 50 billion devices are connected to each other in the world. Based on this, three 5G application scenarios of ultra wideband mobile communication (embB), ultra-low delay communication (ulllc) and mass Internet of things (mmtc) are established. It is based on these three scenarios that the 5G era has spawned more market applications such as AR holography, driverless and telemedicine, and everything interconnection. From the interaction between people, to the communication between things, to realize the telecommunication level of cellular IOT, or will lead to a new change of human society.

Holography relies on the technology of holographic phantom real image and the principle of optical imaging to present the image with three-dimensional visual effect in space, so that the viewer can have a strong three-dimensional view. Unlike VR video and 3D video, you don’t need to wear any wearable equipment to watch holographic stage works. Moreover, we can combine AR technology, motion capture technology and other “stage black technology” to create interactive performance experience. Through AR technology, actors or audiences can be collected in real time to realize the holographic interactive works performed by real people, virtual people and real-time audiences.

Finally, the hologram + 5G is realized. Through 5G technology, the hologram is transmitted synchronously in real time, breaking the limit of physical space distance, realizing real-time synchronous remote transmission, so that everyone can arrive at the scene, and every artist, actor, etc. can walk to the audience and experience remote interaction.

Samsung has passed a patent in the US Patent Office: a smart necklace that can listen to songs, make phone calls and operate holographic projection.

Holographic projection, we have seen it in the movie iron man, Star Wars.



Samsung recently passed a patent in the U.S. patent and Trademark Office to bring this technology into our lives. This is what this smart necklace looks like.



Although it is small, it has five internal organs. It has battery, call module, vibration motor, processor, memory module, sensor module, microphone, headset, indicator light and other modules. From the accessories, we can see that this is a wearable device that integrates call, induction, music listening and the whole body.


According to the latest report of foreign media the verge, Julia white, Microsoft’s global vice president, demonstrated a new technology to the public at the Microsoft inspire Partner Conference in Las Vegas. This technology is Microsoft’s use of body and sound capture technology to create a very real Julia white hologram. After processing the video recorded in advance by white, the hologram made a speech in Japanese. It is worth mentioning that white himself does not speak Japanese.

While white was presenting, she was wearing a hololens headpiece and her “clone” was speaking in 3D space around her. We can see that this technology has potential. If it can be as smooth in practice as in the demonstration. With 3D deep scan camera and AI translation tool, any speaker can quickly create speeches for different regions. The speech can be presented to the public in 30 different languages by recording the content of the speech in advance.


As the representative enterprise of holo AR in China, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) has absolute advantages in business scale, business volume, customer resources, business model, brand value and other aspects. It has more than 4654 holographic content IP reserves in technical reserves and subdivides the leading enterprises in the industry. The technology of each link is mature, the number of customers is 485, and the number of holographic AR patents is 224, including 132 patents and 92 pending patents. Strict patent technology protection has become a barrier to enter the industry.

The business application scenarios of WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) mainly focus on five professional fields, such as home entertainment, light field cinema, performance system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system. There are many ways to apply holographic projection, such as holographic projection Museum, holographic projection dance, holographic projection video phone, holographic projection intelligent guide, etc. holographic projection can not only be used alone, but also be used together with other multimedia equipment. The purpose of its application is to use a convenient, cheap and novel holographic image technology before it is popularized Technology, so that experience a different from the visual enjoyment of print media.

The rapid development of 5G communication technology has laid a foundation for more applications. Although it is still in the stage of infrastructure construction, the industry has made it clear that 2020 will be the first year of large-scale commercial use. This year, there will be more development of scenario applications. How far will the 5g carried by holographic communication evolve? Let’s wait and see!

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