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Infinite Tech Global To Launch Digital Wallet On March 8

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Infinite Tech Global To Launch Digital Wallet On March 8

March 05
03:45 2020


SHENZHEN, CHINA – Infinite Tech Global is proud to announce that its long-awaited Infinite Wallet is expected to make its official debut on March 8, 2020. The launch of this wallet has been much awaited by the international blockchain and digital asset communities and this can be largely attributed to the wallet’s innovative operating model.

Wallets are an integral part of the digital asset world. The role they play is comparable to those of banks in the traditional financial sector which can be said to be indispensable. The primary role and utility value of wallets within the field of digital assets currently lie in the secure storage of digital currencies. However, the Infinite Wallet will seek to completely change this, reshaping the role wallets play in the field of digital assets, transforming wallets and putting them at the core of a digital asset ecosystem.

With regards to the above stated goals, the development team of Infinite Wallet focused not only on developing superior technical attributes, but also focused on the establishment of an ecosystem centered upon the wallet.

Key Technical Advantages

In terms of technical advantages, the Infinite Wallet’s focus is on security and practicality. The Infinite Wallet is a cold wallet, which makes it highly secure. The Cross-chain technology utilized by the wallet allow users to securely carry the world’s mainstream cryptocurrencies on Android and Apple devices, as well as carry out instantaneous token swaps, thereby greatly enhancing the wallet’s practicality. Additionally, the Infinite Wallet is able to carry near instantaneous transactions in real time. The wallet has the ability to support massive amounts of transactions, possessing transaction processing speeds of as high as 200,000/tps (transactions per second), enabling users to enjoy truly seamless transactions.

Ecosystem Advantages

What makes the Infinite Wallet truly stand out among many other wallets is its emphasis on establishing an ecosystem and user base. The “Earn As You Save” operating model adopted by the wallet allow users to be rewarded for depositing mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

In addition, the Infinite Wallet connects Infinite Platforms and merchants worldwide, allowing the wallet to be used as payment platform. Users who download the Infinite Wallet can be linked to a merchant’s account through digital marketing channels or scan the QR code to make payments. Also, the Infinite Wallet offers Social Market Analysis to its users. The function provides users with data on market sentiment collected by the Infinite Quad Engine.

With its key technical and ecosystem advantages, the Infinite Wallet is expected to build a large and loyal base of users in the digital assets realm, reinventing the primary role of wallets in the digital asset world.

About Infinite Tech Global

Infinite Tech Global (ITG) aims to expand & innovate their advanced internal trading tools to reach a global audience. Looking to Asia Pacific as the key to growth, ITG established its APAC headquarters in Shenzhen, China, the world’s fastest growing economy and leading hub of blockchain technology.

Media Contact
Company Name: Infinite Tech Global
Contact Person: Yu Min Yi
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86 0755-28265684
City: Shenzhen
Country: China

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