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CYCJET Customer Visiting (I) – Large Character Handheld Inkjet Printer PP Bag Printing

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CYCJET Customer Visiting (I) – Large Character Handheld Inkjet Printer PP Bag Printing

September 18
20:10 2019

In order to make customers know better about CYCJET and its products and service, as well as CYCJET know better of the market demands, CYCJET launched customer visiting in Southeast Asia.

In Bangkok, Thailand, Mr. Alex runs a minerals factory which manufactures, stores and sells bentonite powder and drilling fluids. They ask for a large character hand jet printer to make the printing job on the jumbo package bags before shipping.

What they need to print is product name, batch number and date. At this moment, they use a paper label on each bag. However, the problem is the bags are covered by dust fully after refilling. So, the paper label is hard to paste on it, and they have to weave a plastic bag on the jumbo bags then put the label into the plastic bags. “This is quite a time-consuming and tedious job for the workers”, said the production manager Ms. Phitchanet, “So, looking for a new high-efficiency way to do the shipping mark printing job is extremely urgent”. 

We bring the CYCJET ALT382 handjet Printing Gun to them this time, and make the printing test in their warehouse. The large character inkjet printer with piezo inkjet printhead made both solid and dot matrix font on the packing bags. Ms. Phitchanet was quite satisfied with the printing results.  “In this way, we can save at least 60% time of making the label printing, and the high-resolution inkjet printing makes the shipping mark well-marked, which reduce the wrong loading when departure from the warehouse”, said Ms. Phitchanet. 

Also, for the 50mm solid fonts inkjet printing, it is quite ink-consuming, to be honest. The customer also considers the running cost most. And the good news is they can prefer the dot matrix font, which is not as bold as the solid font, but clear enough. In this way, the customer can save at least 2 times ink-consuming. Compared with the dot matrix font, they like solid fonts more. “Is there a machine that can print in large solid dot, which will catch eyes easily?” asked Ms. Phitchanet.

“Yes, another model CYCJET ALT160 DOD Hand Held Printer will do this job”, answered CYCJET. Unfortunately, we did not bring the sample inkjet printer ALT160plus with us this time. However, we have asked for some sample bags to do the print testing and then ship the printed sample back to the customer. They are quite happy waiting for the hand coding machine testing.  

On the other hand, we have noticed that the bags are covered by dust fully, which is really a challenge to the inkjet printhead. As if the dust comes into the printhead, it is easily to make the printing nozzles blocked. So, we do hope customer can choose CYCJET Portable hand jet printer. Because the special design of its ink system, printhead, and the rollers make it can keep max 10mm space between the bags when printing, which will protect the printhead from the dust.

So, CYCJET will do the best to make the printing test on the sample bag. No matter which model they choose, CYCJET will do the best to supply the high-quality and in-time technical support.

CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than ten years experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, portable marking solution in Shanghai China.


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