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Menstrual Cups Market to grow with a CAGR of 5.9% Leading companies like The Keeper, Anigan, Mooncup, Me Luna, Silky Cup, Earth Care Solution

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Menstrual Cups Market to grow with a CAGR of 5.9% Leading companies like The Keeper, Anigan, Mooncup, Me Luna, Silky Cup, Earth Care Solution

June 07
16:04 2021
Menstrual Cups Market to grow with a CAGR of 5.9% Leading companies like The Keeper, Anigan, Mooncup, Me Luna, Silky Cup, Earth Care Solution

Menstrual Cups Market
The Menstrual Cup market is expected to reach US$ 636.16 Mn in 2027 from US$ 406.70 Mn in 2019. The market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 5.9% from 2019-2027.

According to The Insight Partners market research titled ‘Menstrual Cup Market to 2027 – Global Analysis and Forecasts by Product Type, Size, Material and Distribution Channel.’ The global menstrual cup market is anticipated to reach US$ 636.16 Mn in 2027 from US$ 406.70 Mn in 2019. The market is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 5.9% from 2019-2027. The report provides the trends prevailing in the global menstrual cup market and the factors driving the market along with those that act as hindrances.

Key factors that are driving the growth of the market are increasing popularity of menstrual cups, infections due to sanitary pads and tampons. Although the market is expected to have restraining factors, which include disadvantages of menstrual cups products such as safety issues associated with the use of menstrual cups, menstruation-related toxic shock syndrome (TSS) among women, along with some advantages, the menstrual cups comprise of more disadvantages such as, removal can get messy, it could interfere with an IUD, the difficulty of insertion for some due to which some women are not able to adopt the menstrual cups.

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The menstrual cup market majorly consists of the players such as Diva International Inc., Lunette Menstrual Cup, The Keeper Inc., Mooncup Ltd, Anigan Inc., Procter & Gamble, Me Luna, YUUKI COMPANY S.R.O., Silky Cup, Earth Care Solution among others. Inorganic growth strategies witnessed in the market were partnerships and acquisitions. Various companies are focusing on organic strategies, such as product launch and product approvals. For instance, in April 2019, Diva International Inc. launched a new menstrual cup size – Model 0, which targeted the age group 18 years old, and under, the all-new Model 0 has strengthened the robust and inclusive set of menstrual cup options by the company.

Infections Due to Sanitary Pads and Tampons

Menstruation is still considered as a taboo in many countries across the world and hence is a big hurdle in the management of menstrual hygiene. In rural areas of developing countries, women are not aware of menstruation and thus face many challenges and difficulties at home, schools, and workplaces. Women are less aware of the infections caused due to poor menstrual hygiene. 

If tampons are inserted for an extended period, it causes toxic shock syndrome, due to which the bacteria infiltrate the body, which further leads to severe infection. Tampons cause Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is caused due to overgrowth of bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus or staph that release poisonous substances into the body. Some women forget tampons inside, which can be disastrous.

Rising Disposable Income

The menstrual cup market is expected to gain substantial growth opportunities from the growing adoption of advanced lifestyle in women and developing urbanization. Also, the female labor force participation is highest in some developed and developing countries worldwide. The increase in the percentage of working women upsurge the sales of feminine hygiene products at a significant rate. This number is significantly increasing in developed and developing nations such as, in 2016, in the US, women’s participation in labor economics has doubled from 34% of working-age women in 1950 to ~57%. Moreover, most of the American women manage their periods with a combination of disposable pads and tampons, while a combined 2 to 3% opt for reusable products. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020), women held approx. 50.04% of American jobs as of December, excluding self-employed and farmworkers.

Similarly, in developing economies such as India, have also perceived the surge in the female workforce during recent years. Approximately ~26% of the companies surveyed in India, in 2018, had hired women for Top 5 job roles in the past five years. With increased employment of women, leading to an increase in disposable income and increase the use of feminine hygiene products. Moreover, reduced prices of feminine hygiene products also result in significant demand for these products worldwide, which is likely to drive the market for menstrual cups in the coming years.

Menstrual Cup Market Segmentation Review

The menstrual cup market on the basis of product type is segmented in to disposable and reusable. In 2019, the reusable segment accounted for the largest market share in the global menstrual cup market by product type. The reusable cups are the most commonly used menstrual cups as they are safe, cost-effective and eco-friendly means of managing menstrual cycles. These cups can be worn anywhere between 6 to 12 hours depending on the blood flow of an individual. Moreover, these cups are easy to clean, reuse and store when not in use. Reusable menstrual cups are gaining popularity over disposable sanitary pads and tampons as they are easy to use, comfortable, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Some of the activities undertaken by the companies, which have promoted its growth are, majorly organic developments. Companies such as Diva International Inc. and Lunette among others have been implementing various strategies that have helped the growth of the company and in turn have brought about various changes in the menstrual cup market. The companies have utilized strategies such as product launches, and approvals of their product portfolio and area expansion for the growth of their organizations.

The report segments Global Menstrual Cup Market as follows:

Global Menstrual Cup Market – By Product Type

  • Disposable
  • Reusable

Global Menstrual Cup Market – By Size

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Global Menstrual Cup Market – By Material

  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • Natural Rubber
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE)

Global Menstrual Cup Market – By Distribution Channel

  • Online Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail Stores

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