Shillong Herald Now Provides Its Customers the Ability to Design Their Own Shoes

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February 23
17:32 2021
Producing exceptional handmade shoes for exceptional men, Handsome Trouble now offers shoes that can be customer designed and manufactured to their exacting specifications.

For those who are tired of searching for just the right fit for shoes can finally find the answer to their woes as has now started providing its customers the ability to design their own shoes. These customer designed shoes are manufactured as per the exacting specifications of each client, and are delivered to their door in 4 weeks.

Handsome Trouble is a top source of bespoke shoes online. As the brand’s tagline suggests “design your own shoes” – Handsome Trouble provides custom made shoes for men so they can dress like the man they wish to become. Needless to say, the company aims to help its customers take their shoes to the next level by giving them a customization experience like no other.

According to the spokesperson of the company, the brand gives complete control to its customers. During a recent interview, the spokesperson was quoted as saying, “Our integrated system allows you to edit any of our existing designs, or create your own entirely from scratch.” He further added, “We place complete design control in your hands.”

The process of designing shoes for oneself through the company’s website is straightforward. Users can simply browse through the brand’s collection to choose the shoes they wish to customize. Using the custom design tool available for all to use, clients can then start creating their very own shoe. Moreover, there are several customization options available through the tool, which ultimately helps each individual create just the right shoe for themselves.

Apart from some really exciting customization options, customers can also go the extra mile in customization with a hand painted finish that is guaranteed to make their shoes one of a kind, courtesy of the Patina Workshop. The spokesperson further explained, “You design, we create. It is as simple as that!”

For those who are interested in designing their own shoes and getting them delivered within 4 weeks from Handsome Trouble, it is highly recommended that they visit the brand’s official store online over at the following link:

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