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Overseas media exhibition project of Chinese Artists, Tang Kezheng

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Overseas media exhibition project of Chinese Artists, Tang Kezheng

July 28
02:52 2020

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward: “Cultural self-confidence.” The manifesto of this era also points out that culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Prosperity of culture means prosperity of the country, and a strong culture means a strong nation. Without a high degree of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Culture is the backbone and soul of a nation. It creates the soul and character of a country and a nation. A nation can exist in the world only if it has cultural self-confidence. Only when the people have faith can the country have strength and the nation have hope. Cultural self-confidence is the most important factor contributing to these goals.

Introduction of the artist

Tang Kezheng, pen name, Zhengran, clan name, Tang Changgui, monk name, Weiwuzhizu, male, born in 1950, Dagang District, Tianjin, (native place: Guilin, Guangxi). He graduated from Beijing Institute of Geology and graduated from Beijing Film Academy and Central Academy of Fine Arts by correspondence

I. Art organization:

* Permanent member of the International Association of artists and photographers;

* Permanent member of China portrait photography society;

* Permanent member of China Folk Photography Association;

* Permanent member of China Association for the promotion of cultural development;

* Academician and vice chairman of the Chinese Academy of celebrity culture;

* Academician of China today’s Academy of online calligraphy and painting;

* Judges of the Organizing Committee of the star Cup National Poetry, painting and shadow competition;

* Honorary president for life of Guilin Yayuan calligraphy and painting academy;

* National Digital TV channel program guidance;

* Invited artists of national digital TV channels;

* Director of the database of cultural and artistic talents;

* Contract writers of poetry Pavilion platform;

* Guest writer of the gold medal of poetry Pavilion platform. 

“Camel Mountain in Guilin” Jihai Zheng Ran photo

II. Honorary title

* Chinese photographers;

* Contemporary artists with outstanding contributions across the century;

* Famous contemporary Chinese artists;

* Leading figures of Chinese contemporary painting and calligraphy art;

* Chinese meritorious artists;

* Inheritor of Chinese intangible cultural heritage;

* Tang Kezheng, a model figure of Chinese art pioneer;

* Tang Kezheng, the most valuable artist for collection;

* Cultural envoys for the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Hungary;

* Landing (NASDAQ, USA) world’s first screen contemporary artist—— Tang Kezheng;

* Tang Kezheng, the art leader of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China;

* Tang Kezheng, an artistic figure in the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China;

* Tang Kezheng, one of the most valuable contemporary artists;

* Recommended Tang Kezheng, a famous calligrapher and painter;

* National business card;

* In 2020, calligraphy and painting works collected and broadcast on the national digital TV channel during the Spring Festival;

* Tang Kezheng, the art pioneer of “epidemic” in the people’s war;

* In 2020, broadcast and exhibition in national digital TV channels;

* Artist of both virtue and art.

* Contracted artist of Confucius Art Museum

* Contract artist

III. Professional title

* National first class artist

* Professor of calligraphy and painting 

“Maramaramara zebra”

IV. Award

* 1987-1992, won three first prizes national calligraphy and painting competition

* Excellence Award of the second international “Sun Award” in 1998;

* In 1999, silver award century cup inter-strait calligraphy, painting and shadow competition;

* In 2019, bronze award in the first national Contemporary Art Award National Calligraphy and painting competition;

* In 2019, gold medal of Chinese meritorious artists;

* In 2019, gold cup of inheritors of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage;

* In 2019, champion of the first (phase I) calligraphy and painting online exhibition competition;

* National Digital TV channel exhibition in 2020 The most valuable artist trophy;

* National Digital TV channel Exhibition In 2020, the theme of fighting against the “COVID-19 epidemic” broadcasted the Tang Kezheng medal, the pioneer of the people’s war epidemic art;

* Calligrapher and painter of both virtue and art trophy.

V. Exhibition of works

* More than 10000 pieces: Books, paintings, photography and seal cutting works have been published in newspapers and magazines at home and abroad;

* Masterpieces have been exhibited in China Fine Arts for two times;

* Works of art have been exhibited six times in the first library of Guangxi;

* Art works have been exhibited once in Guangxi Art Museum;

* One solo exhibition of art works in Guangxi first book;

* A special issue of individual publication of works of art;

* In 2018, calligraphy and painting works have been exhibited and auctioned in Hanhai, China;

* In 2019, at the invitation of the East European Art Union, calligraphy and painting works have been exhibited and auctioned in Europe;

* in 2019, Chinese outstanding artist Tang Kezheng’s art works have been displayed on the big screen of NASDAQ in the United States;

* In 2020, the national digital TV channel have been shown twice.

* In 2020, he participated in the “great beauty of China, great beauty of calligraphy and painting” national network exhibition of calligraphers and painters, and won the title of contemporary calligraphers and painters with the most investment and collection value.

* In 2020, he participated in “100 outstanding figures of Chinese calligraphy and painting” to carry forward Chinese traditional culture, display his excellent works, and won the honorary title of outstanding artist of Chinese era. 

Traditional Chinese painting “Landscape Voices”, four feet, Gengzi, Zhengran

VI. Writing books

* 19 works, including the dictionary of world celebrities, have been published internationally;

* published in 22 books such as “Chinese contemporary entrepreneurial talents” and published in China;

* monograph publication: Cultural China focuses on contemporary art master Tang Kezheng

* China’s glory: two special collections of national ritual art masters on silk, published in China.

VII. Postal books

* leading figures of Chinese contemporary calligraphy and painting art and Tang Kezheng, a famous Chinese artist, were published internationally.

* strong culture, strong nation, great achievements in the glorious course of the 70th anniversary 

Combined characters “Good Women, Good Children”, four feet, Suiciyihai, Zhengran

Hieroglyph “Dream of China”, four feet, Wuxuchunyue, Zhengran

Traditional Chinese painting “Bamboo”, four feet, Hualiqianqiu, Gengzi, Zhengran

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