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The Retirement Shield – Shon Peil’s Newly Released Book Offers a Highly Innovative Approach to Retirement

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The Retirement Shield – Shon Peil’s Newly Released Book Offers a Highly Innovative Approach to Retirement

July 09
19:41 2020

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA – July 9, 2020 – Author and retirement coach Shon Peil has now released his new book, The Retirement Shield: A Foolproof Way to Protect Your Retirement. Shon provides detailed documentation of real-life incidents that prompted him to secure his future and put precedents in place to protect himself and his family. Focusing on all primary areas that make a retirement plan truly sustainable and reliable, Shon writes in a highly comprehensive manner and cuts straight to the chase.

The Retirement Shield introduces readers to The Retirement Shield Process and its five key areas that help readers develop a systematic and strategic approach to retirement: Social Security, Income, Taxes, Long-Term Care, and the ‘What Ifs’ of life. While there can be many intricacies and small details that people might miss while designing their retirement, dividing everything into 5 key areas ensures that no important step is missed. Shon wants his readers to know that even a small inconsistency can lead to a long chain of mishaps in the foreseeable future. From investment strategies that help people sustain an income after retirement and clever ways to minimize taxes to long-term healthcare and preparing for unprecedented situations and accidents, the book packs it all in a simple and easy-to-read format.

Shon Peil has been in the retirement coaching industry for more than 20 years and has coached a diverse portfolio of clients in their financial legacy and protecting their assets. Being a National Coach for The Retirement Shield Program, Shon has also trained other Retirement Shield Coaches who carry on his methodology to help as many future retirees as possible. With his process, Shon’s main focus is to create a plan that helps people stay protected and enjoy their retirement years in peace and tranquility with no feeling of impending financial crisis, hence the ‘shield’ terminology. He aims to offer knowledge that is highly adaptable and can be optimized by each reader to fit their own particular scenario with ease.

Multiple tragic incidents in life prompted Shon to become passionate about retirement coaching. He now wants to share his valuable insight with all US future retirees, so they have something to fall back on when life decides to give them a tough time.

Shon Peil is available for interviews.

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