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Workpuls Helps Companies Ensure Data Security While Operating Remotely

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Workpuls Helps Companies Ensure Data Security While Operating Remotely

July 09
13:25 2020
Increasing cybersecurity risks trouble companies forced to go remote, but those that use Workpuls’ remote employee monitoring software can rest assured their data is safe.

By mid-2020, all companies have gone remote one way or the other. In doing so, some were able to stay fully operational with only minor setbacks, while others have struggled to move their operations to the virtual environment.

For those that had issues, one of the biggest concerns was how to monitor remote workers safely and thus ensure the continuation of proper professional behavior and employee privacy while working from home.

With several options on the market, different companies have had a choice between a variety of solutions. More often than not, companies had to match their industry and legal requirements to the available software, which limited their choices.

With well-established clients from computer software, architecture, furniture, logistics and transportation, and many other industries, Workpuls’ remote team monitoring solutions are able to pinpoint niche-specific needs and answer them appropriately.

Coupled with the fact that Workpuls allows companies to stay compliant with both US and EU legislations – HIPAA, COPPA, PCI DSS, AICPA SOC2, GDPR, EU Work Time Directive – makes it an indispensable tool for companies, especially large enterprises, determined to maintain and ameliorate their business operations in the new environment by means of workforce productivity analysis and process transformation.

However, in trying to make the move as seamless as possible, responsible companies have also considered the safety of the data that work from home monitoring tools gather about their internal infrastructure, processes, and employees.

Protecting company intellectual property from both external and internal attacks is the primary concern of those business executives who are aware of how costly confidential information leaks are, not to mention damaging to the business reputation and financial stability.

And rightfully so – the number of cyber-attacks has already significantly increased as businesses were forced to move online and expose their data to risk. What is more, the biggest attacks are predicted for late 2020, so it stands to reason that companies are pressed for time to do all they can to secure business-crucial information.

Safety-wise, Workpuls’ work from home employee monitoring software is the industry leader in terms of the solutions it offers. With the customer’s choice of location and authorized-user-only access, Workpuls’ on-premise solution ensures complete control over data, much like its cloud-based counterpart where information is stored on Google’s secure hosting servers.

Therefore, Workpuls is the go-to monitoring tool for all those vigilantly watching over business information that can compromise the security of the entire company.

Boilerplate: Workpuls is secure workforce productivity and analytics software designed to ensure remote teams stay organized and productive.

Over 1000 satisfied customers have found it indispensable in tracking employees’ time and attendance, project management, and productivity levels with this award-winning time tracking and employee monitoring software.

The industry leader in terms of end-user safety and information security, Workpuls is careful to keep customer companies in compliance with the latest legislation and privacy laws. For more information, visit

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