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Panda.W Leads Chinese Young People to Correct Skin Care Concept

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Panda.W Leads Chinese Young People to Correct Skin Care Concept

April 03
01:10 2020

Jessica Wong, chief executive officer of online beauty brand Panda.W, said in an interview with the media that Panda.W has become the first brand of eye care for young people on the Internet in China. With the rise of otaku economy and night economy, the group’s brand spread has covered 50 million young nightlife people this year and the number of active fans has broken 2 million.

“China has become the world’s largest beauty market. According to the development trend of consumer behavior, consumer choices are more dispersed and independent.  In the next 10 years, traditional brands such as Estee Lauder or L’Oreal may no longer have a dominant position. The capacity of China’s beauty market has reached more than 600 billion RMB, which can accommodate at least five L’Oreal groups. Panda.W has every chance to be one of them.”

China’s cosmetics market has a scale of 500 billion in 18 years, skin care products have a scale of 250 billion, and 600 million women in China are using beauty products. The average steps for education and use of skin care products are 3.5 steps, while those for women in Japan, Korea and Europe and the United States are 8-11 steps. The beauty industry in China was early. The overall growth rate of the beauty makeup market is 13%, and the categories with high growth rate are 30%-40%.

Panda.W believes in category selection: The high-level steps of women’s care maintain the highest growth rate: eye care, pore care and facial mask.

Panda.W holds skin is a living organ. Excessive care often causes injuries. Only when people understand the principle of skin care can they better care for their skin. For this reason, Panda.W’s British L.C.M expert team and other countries’ beauty experts have made a more scientific pore solution through online communication: 

People’s sebaceous glands secrete oil every day. If the secretion is normal and the pores are smooth, the skin will have no problem. If it secretes too much and pores are blocked, acne will form.

Acne is divided into white head and black head. The white head is stuck in the cutin. If it is blocked at the opening of pores, it will be oxidized and blackened by air, which is called blackhead.

Therefore, the formation of blackheads has two necessary conditions: First, excessive secretion of grease; Second: pores are blocked.

However, the blackheads on many girls’ noses are not real. They are only lipid microfilaments that look like blackheads.

As long as the skin is still in normal metabolism, there will be lipid microfilaments. It is actually a self-help way for hair follicles to prevent excessive sebum secretion from forming acne. Therefore, it is normal for the skin to have lipid microfilaments.  If pores are not blocked, people need not care too much about them.

Because blackheads are caused by blocked pores, sebum does not stop secreting. At this time, physical cleaning is needed to clear pores. 

Lipid microfilaments can be solved by daily basic cleaning, but real blackheads need cleaning treatment. Experts have confirmed that blackheads cannot be eradicated and periodic pore cleaning is required.

The root of blackheads is still oil secretion. As long as the skin is still in a healthy state, it will certainly keep secreting grease, which will block pores and then form blackheads. 

“Pore cleaning is the best way to remove blackheads,” said a group of beauty experts from 44 countries. The traditional method of tartaric acid used in European and American beauty makeup markets is often not very practical in Asia, where the sebum layer of skin is relatively thin and exfoliation will cause skin sensitivity and resistance loss. The Asian market is popular with blackhead patches. Tearing will cause minor skin wounds, leading to fatty particles and silent skin stress reactions.

Panda.W found that carbomer is a common raw material for flexible exfoliation, but daily pore cleaning cannot be realized by using carbomer only for oil reaction.  By cooperating with Japanese companies to develop adsorptive charcoal powder and oil-soluble pore cleaning coconut oil, and matching with carbomer, it can clean and adsorb makeup in pores every day and effectively and safely clean blackheads.

Panda.W laboratory has collected 56 volunteers.  Under the joint evaluation of experts from some countries, the oil, dust and impurities in pores were effectively removed within an average of 3 minutes. 

The picture on the left shows before the experiment starts. The right picture shows the effect of using Panda.W pore cleaning product once.

The addition and use of Japan’s Binchoutan has produced a positive and significant effect on the improvement of adsorption capacity. Select special Japanese wood over 20 years old.

Coconut oil and its extract produce oil-soluble effect under cold pressing at low temperature. Panda.W’s products are not only clean, but also can form a protective film on the skin surface to enhance the skin’s antioxidant capacity. 

After four weeks of continuous use tests, the test data of Panda.W’s LCM laboratory show that: The fineness of pores increased by 20.6%. 

The team of experts from Panda.W Laboratory also made an infrared spectrum image. They found that the absorption rate of skin care products after using Panda.W pore cleaning gel was greatly improved, which was 40.65% higher than that of using facial cleaning products alone. 

Picture. 1: Using clean water;  Picture 2: Using facial cleanser; Picture 3: Using Panda.W pore cleaning products

Panda.W attaches great importance to the innovative development and safety of products.  In 2014, it was once selected by US Business Week as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world. The rise of Chinese beauty companies is very good news for the prosperity and development of the Chinese beauty market. 

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