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EU Develops “digital hegemony”, ETPC is the Key Project

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EU Develops “digital hegemony”, ETPC is the Key Project

February 18
16:21 2020

The emergence of blockchain technology is generally considered to be the core technology that has the most potential to trigger the fifth wave of disruptive revolution after continuing the steam engine, electric power, information and Internet technology. His appearance marks that humanity is beginning to build a real Internet that can be trusted.

Leaders in various industries are looking for new technology solutions to meet the overwhelming digital needs of the global population. One important example is that banking institutions, financial institutions, and blockchain technology companies are starting to focus on how to use blockchain technology and The payment method solves the problems existing in the existing payment system. The combination of blockchain + payment can provide an efficient, secure, and low-cost solution for the payment industry. With the support of the Hungarian government, ETPC (European Dual Offline Payment) Of blockchain companies are working to build blockchain + payment application scenarios and next-generation payment tools in order to improve the existing payment environment.

ETPC (European Dual Offline Payment) Project Introduction

Europe Two-way Payment (hereinafter referred to as: ETPC), Chinese translation: European two-way payment, a blockchain offline two-way payment project initiated by the BCC of the Hungarian government, BCC is the Hungarian Blockchain Research Institute, a district led by the Hungarian government. Blockchain organization, with research, investment and other businesses.

ETPC is a decentralized offline two-way payment access tool based on erc20. Even if both parties are offline, that is, they are no longer on the network, they can make payments. As long as the user’s mobile phone has power, the payment technology can be realized even if the network is down.

ETPC (European dual offline payment) founding team

ETPC is a European blockchain expert and a senior researcher at the Hungarian Blockchain Research Institute (bcc) Jordan Earls Founded and started to contact Bitcoin in 2011. From 2012 to 2016, he was engaged in research on payment underlying technology and blockchain, and worked in companies such as paypal and Western Union to engage in research on payment systems / multinational payment systems.

Since 2017, he has been invited by the Hungarian government as a senior researcher at the Hungarian Blockchain Research Institute (BCC). During this period, he has published several academic papers on “High-Expansion Solutions for Multinational Payments Based on Blockchain”, Revised Cryptographic Ledger, Double Payment Custody Mechanism Without Third-Party Trust, Decentralized Ledger Technology for Full Payment Scenarios, and has been repeatedly invited in Eurocrypt; NDSS (Full Name: Network and Distributed System Security) He made a special speech on it and is one of the few experts in the world who have unique insights on traditional payment and blockchain.In 2018, he joined several technical experts to launch the ETPC (Europe Two-way Payment) project, which aims to solve Without the need for a network, it can still meet the full-scenario payment needs, and achieve self-correction and automatic evolution, thereby achieving universal payment in all scenarios.

ETPC (European Dual Offline Payment) Technical Features

1. Exclusive “Dual Offline Self-evolution Payment” Technology

ETPC has developed a “twin offline payment” with immutability, which naturally transitions from centralized payment to decentralized payment, and changes from “online conditions” to “offline conditions”.

2. Precious digital gold

ETPC is the value consensus of the ETPC community.When users use ETPC to pay, they will debit their ETPC account.ETPC is a digital channel that opens the global currency market, and ETPC will reflect functions similar to gold and can exchange against any kind of currency (including Cryptocurrency, fiat currency, gold, oil, etc.), so we call ETPC the precious digital gold.

3. Link the global currency system

ETPC is the first open source payment platform in the world to break through the “dual offline payment” technology, break the decentralized cryptocurrency payment and centralized legal currency payment barriers, and propose the payment rules for the first time.Europe Two-way Payment Based on cryptocurrency payment and clearing capabilities, it can realize value conversion in any currency form scenario.

4. Rich application ecology

ETPC is issued based on the open source blockchain system smart contract.The ETPC transaction accounting process requires a certain amount of public chain fuel, so users must pay a certain amount of public chain fees when using ETPC to pay transfers (public chain fees and ETPC fees). Different, mainly used to reward miner nodes that provide storage space and computing power for the public chain.

ETPC (European Dual Offline Payment) System Features

1. Fairness, transparency, openness and autonomy

All institutions or individuals become a node on ETPC, and no one can control the opening, trading or use of the data platform.

2. Data can be confirmed and traceable

All data upload, update, transaction or use behavior will not be tampered with, so that all data has the function of confirming rights and traceability.

3. Secure and trusted data transactions

The point-to-point method of data transactions fundamentally avoids the possibility of the platform to deposit data. Using smart contracts, data is transparently and publicly priced to ensure the fairness of transactions.

4. Multi-dimensional big data integration

Massive vertical applications share data based on the consensus mechanism to form an open platform for big data sharing, thereby achieving a more complete and accurate multi-dimensional data portrait.

5. User privacy protection and data rights

The user’s personal data is completely owned by the user, and the user has full control of the private key, and it is up to the user to decide to whom to open authorization and how to charge.

ETPC (European Dual Offline Payment) Application Scenarios and Value System

1. Decentralized exchange

ETPC is also issued based on blockchain smart contracts and is a fully trusted, decentralized payment system.

2. Suitable for any payment scenario

It can be paid or transferred normally in any environment in any region without affecting the will of the recipient, and the recipient can choose to accept fiat or cryptocurrency

3. Building Big Data for Global Transaction

ETPC will not make any restrictions on payment scenarios and currencies.Transaction data is generated based on global users.

4. Cross-currency exchange rate in seconds

ETPC performs real-time exchange of payment currency and receiving currency through technical means, and is not limited to the same type of currency for payment and receipt

5. Global payment tools

ETPC does not place any limit on the amount of payment, users can pay any amount of any amount. Detailed analysis of the global economic form and user behavior

6. The world’s first offline payment tool

Two-way payment through the blockchain / “dual offline payment”, even if both parties are offline

ETPC (European Dual Offline Payment) Token Issuance Plan

ETPC is a virtual currency for settlement, which is used to exchange and settle other currencies on the blockchain platform. The ETPC digital payment platform provides a transaction medium for user transactions.

Name: Europe Two-way Payment

Abbreviation: ETPC 

Total number of issued: 1 billion

Nature: Temporarily developed based on erc20, will soon be upgraded to a public chain

Fund investment:

In March 2019, Morton Capital announced that it will jointly develop the ETPC project with the founding team and inject 25 million euros as an angel round investment in the early stage.

The Morton Capital Foundation was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Singapore. It is a professional investment institution specializing in the fields of cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain technology, and mainly investing in global excellent blockchain projects. More than a dozen countries and regions including Singapore, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, etc. The Morton Capital Foundation is one of the earliest institutions engaged in early stage venture capital in Singapore. It currently manages USD and SGD dual currency funds and manages about tens of funds. With billions of dollars in funding from internationally renowned sovereign funds, Saudi Arabian family funds, parent funds, and university foundations.

Since its establishment, the Morton Capital Foundation has been active in the new direction of the normative development of the blockchain industry, and has been active in basic technology. Community construction, investment environment, transaction environment, and public opinion environment, etc., have made outstanding contributions to the construction of blockchain infrastructure, and their efforts have been widely recognized by the industry, so they are hailed as the leader of blockchain and digital assets.

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