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World Chain Ecology breaks the blockchain landing problem and opens the global ecology

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World Chain Ecology breaks the blockchain landing problem and opens the global ecology

January 15
18:12 2020

Blockchain is in a period of vigorous development, and it will be applied to various industries in the future, such as social, financial, logistics, games, etc., which can solve the crisis of trust and accelerate economic development. Governments around the world and even national governments are actively developing the blockchain industry. 2019 is indeed a year of great significance for the blockchain. This year, Facebook’s Libra supported the blockchainThe concept of payment is spreading to the whole world; at the same time, more and more sovereign countries encourage the development of blockchain.

In 2018, a social ecological public chain using blockchain technology-World Ecological World Chain was born. The underlying system of this project is provided with technical support by the World Chain technical team and top blockchain technology experts. It has extensive application development space, including social networks, data storage, physical asset digitization, asset on-chain, contract games, etc. The global blockchain underlying technology, social entertainment, and financial industries have brought disruptive impact.

Three advantages of Ward Ecology:

1. Decentralized applications, effectively protecting privacy

In centralized applications, because the platform has 100% control, any user on such a centralized information architecture platform is the target of the platform’s precise attack. On the surface, the platform is very friendly. In fact, users have been severely harassed and unconsciously affected.

Ward Ecology adopts blockchain technology and uses distributed storage. Nodes are distributed all over the world. Nodes and nodes are interconnected in real time. User information is stored on network nodes in encrypted form, forming a distributed cloud storage ecosystem, ensuring personal data Safety.

2. Social finance, starting a new era of social money making

With the wide application of Ward Eco World Chain, in the near future, the Ward Eco World Chain chat social platform will make new changes to finance and bring applications in the field of finance.BlockchainTechnology to build a social cloud blockchain social system, applying new technologies and social models to help companies quickly expand the social market. This application is a social system based on blockchain technology. It is mainly a perfect combination of several major modules such as friend interaction, task rewards, and reward applications.

3. Layout the global ecosystem and lead the new trend of blockchain economic development

World Chain is the world’s first decentralized public blockchain ecosystem that complies with national standards and distributed blockchain reference architecture standards.

At present, the World Chain global ecological plan has been launched. At that time, a complete ecosystem covering advertising, games, physical commerce, wallets, wealth management, and life services will be formed. World Chain users will mine daily based on real transactions and interactive calculations. Automatic calculation of transaction behavior, sharing behavior, online duration, etc., through World Chain users can not only enjoy the great changes brought by blockchain technology to people’s lives, but also allow ordinary participants to enjoy the financial dividend and Increase in wealth!

The founder team of Ward Eco World Chain is very optimistic about the future of blockchain social networks. They believe that due to the peer-to-peer nature of the blockchain social network, users can be more free, more relaxed, and more at will, having an advantage over a centralized platform.

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