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Gnfei Technology’s UV 3D Printer Designed to Print on Cylindrical Objects

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Gnfei Technology’s UV 3D Printer Designed to Print on Cylindrical Objects

December 12
17:45 2019
GNFEI Technology Co. Ltd introduces fully automatic UV flatbed printer that allows printing on cylindrical objects, such as bottles, mugs and a host of other items.

With their incredible range of printers, GNFEI Technology brings new creative possibilities for the mankind. The company manufactures direct to garment printers or textile printers for printing on the garment surface. They also have printers that use edible inks for printing on the surface of hot beverages, like coffee and hot chocolate. This time they have brought the UV printers that one can use to print beautiful images on the surface of a cylindrical item, such as bottles, cups, mugs, jars and containers. These printers can be useful for printing logos and brand messages on the surface of an item for the branding purpose.

Gnfei Technology’s UV 3D Printer Designed to Print on Cylindrical Objects

The spokesperson talks about their amazing UV printer that supports printing on the surface of any cylindrical object. This A4 printer allows an automatic tray movement, allowing easy printing on a bottle surface. It also features an automatic height adjustment for a good quality and stable printing. According to the spokesperson of the company, the printer uses the LED UV ink for a permanent type of printing on a surface. With its LED UV lamp, the printer offers a smart bidirectional printing. The printer also comes with an automatic nozzle checking and nozzle cleaning system. The spokesperson reveals that one can directly insert the ink tube to the ink bottle for a fast, efficient and quality printing. It takes 178 seconds in printing an A4 size image on a cylindrical surface.

The company’s UV flatbed printer allows photo grade printing on the surface of a bottle with 3D, emboss and HD effects. The printer comes with an intelligent scratch resistance system for a long-lasting and permanent type of printing. With its lateral loading platform design, the printer allows a better control on the print quality. The safe water cooling system allows the printer to keep operating for hours without any issue. Moreover, it has a continuous ink supply system for printing on a number of objects without taking a rest. The spokesperson reveals that the printer is easy to operate and which increases productivity of a business. It can automatically detect the cartridge for a high precision printing.

Gnfei Technology’s UV 3D Printer Designed to Print on Cylindrical Objects

Customers can also explore their UV 3D printer that can also print in white, because of its white UV ink. The printer can directly print on the surface of any material and there is no need of any pre-processing for printing. Thus, without any spray coating on the surface, it is easy to print on any material. This printer can also print images with an embossed effect, which will not be possible in case of a flatbed printer. The spokesperson states that after printing from this printer, the ink dries immediately. Therefore, the printing task is faster and one can serve more customers on a daily basis. The printer can print beautiful images in a thickness of 0 to 90mm.

The print weight could be 0-20kg, and the printer weighs 25kg only.

To learn more about these amazing printing machines, one can visit the website

About Gnfei Technology Company Limited

GNFEI.COM is a company in Hong Kong that supplies thousands of products at incredible wholesale prices. They have a massive range of first-rate goods, such as electronics, printing machines, shoes, bags, clothing etc. The factory supplies multifunction inkjet printers, such as UV printer, flatbed printer, textile printer, t-shirt printer, food printer and coffee printer. They provide customized, OEM services, and also resale it. They produce the printer, electronics themselves or buy direct from an ever-expanding network of Chinese wholesale manufacturers so that they can keep costs low while maintaining the highest of standards.

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