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The Trusted NABAIDUN Dehumidifier Guarantees the Safety of Family

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The Trusted NABAIDUN Dehumidifier Guarantees the Safety of Family

September 22
22:25 2021

On August 6, 2020, Jurman’s family suffered a lot from a fire caused by the dehumidifier. It’s one of more than 2,000 reported incidents of dehumidifiers overheating. For users, if the dehumidifier has potential safety hazards, it will undoubtedly be like a time bomb, which let life and property in danger.

Can’t stand the various problems caused by dampness, but worry about the safety hazards of dehumidifiers at the same time? People may need a NABAIDUN dehumidifier as a reliable helper.

NABAIDUN has been doing its best to build the safest dehumidifier, and they are committed to user safety all the time! And it is so powerful that could be a good assistant for household dehumidification.

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Caring Dehumidifier with ETL Safety Certification

There are comprehensive safety designs of NABAIDUN dehumidifier!

Automatic Shutdown System

The dehumidifier will automatically shut down for protection after 24 hours of continuous operation.

What’s more, if the dehumidifier starts frequently, the dehumidifier will stop working to protect the compressor from damage.

When the ambient temperature is

Just by pressing an activation button, the dehumidifier will operate continuously and automatically shut down when the tank is full, then users can pour the water out.

The automatic shutdown system effectively prevents the dehumidifier from working for too long, which may causes accidents.

Automatic Alarm System

When the dehumidifier is working, if the water tank is loose or not installed in place, the machine will sound an alarm.

Automatic Defrost System

The dehumidifier will frost on the evaporator in a low-temperature environment, it will affect the dehumidifier’s capacity when too much frost forms. NABAIDUN dehumidifier will automatically defrost at this time. The auto defrosts system can detect the frost and start defrosting automatically, which prevents the collected water from being frozen and damage the machine.

Still worry about the safety hazards of dehumidifiers? NABAIDUN dehumidifier fully guarantees the safety of users!

Updated Dehumidifier with Extra Large Water Tank

It can be an ideal dehumidifier for large room! Under 86°F, 80% RH condition, the max dehumidification capacity of NABAIDUN latest dehumidifier can reach up to 50 pints (2012 ODE) per day in areas up to 3000 sq.ft. Maintaining a healthy 30%-90% humidity range has never been easier!

Intelligent Dehumidifier with Smart Phone Remote Control

No more repeatedly leaving the bed or couch to adjust the dehumidifier! Nabaidun dehumidifier provides the WIFI remote via APP that expands the limits of this dehumidifier, all functions can be remotely controlled. It can perfectly adapt to WiFi smart home system and business use scenarios.

Advanced Dehumidifier with LED Touch Screen

NABAIDUN dehumidifier comes with an elegant LED touch control panel that makes it easier to read and adjust humidity levels.There are laundry mode for instant drying and sleep mode with 45db low noise, optional fan speed and timer for users to set. The smart dehumidifier can also set a comfortable humidity automatically based on the current temperature. All these settings are intuitively displayed on the LED touch panel!

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