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CandyCare released a new patented and certified Refreshing Body Mist to help consumers get rid of sweating underarms

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CandyCare released a new patented and certified Refreshing Body Mist to help consumers get rid of sweating underarms

September 03
03:55 2021

Sweating underarm is not only damp and unbearable, but also an embarrassment factor in social interaction. CandyCare focuses on health care recently released a Refreshing Body Mist to help consumers get rid of sweating and peculiar smell underarms.

How does niche become popular? “Fragrance” and “localization needs” fit

Currently, brands focusing on body care and perfume products have innate advantages in the extension of anti-sweat products, which are easier to capture younger generation of consumers. In addition to extending the effect on fragrance, anti-spirant appeal is to deodorize and stop sweat for a long time and keep lasting.

CandyCare Refreshing Body Mist works to remove sweat odor and whiten underarms. The success of CandyCare is not a fluke, but a careful control of quality!

Gentle skin feeling, deodorant and safer

There are three ways to prevent sweat odor: sweat suppression, sterilization and spices. All three methods have certain risks to sensitive pores, so many consumers feeling discomfort after using sweat-removing products.

CandyCare Refreshing Body Mist has a transparent water texture, mild, gentle, and non-stimulating to skin. Contains peppermint extract, which can stimulate nerve endings and make skin feel temporarily cold. Meanwhile, emit a cool smell, let armpit cool and dry, and achieve the effect of odor suppression, cover up the odor. Do not hurt the sweat glands and block the pores, drying quickly.

Patent + Main + Auxiliary, reflecting the efficacy in ingredients

The main ingredient of CandyCare Refreshing Body Mist is composite extracts of 6 herbal raw materials, which can antioxidant, improve dry skin, resist dust caused by environment and air pollution, and achieve antiperspirant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and sedation effect.

Another main ingredient, licorice root extract, can inhibit the formation of melanin from the root, play a nourishing and skincare effect, at the same time inhibit skin infections, alleviating sunburn and repairing skin.

The auxiliary ingredient Aloe vera promote the effect on collagen, effectively remove free radicals, and play the role of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory moisturizing effects.

The North American witch hazel extract has a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which can enhance skin cell metabolism and maintain skin elasticity.

If you want to get rid of the inferiority, to achieve all-round change, CandyCare Refreshing Body Mist will give you beautiful and generous, leisurely self-confidence, let’s be aromatic together!

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